AdSanity is a powerful ad management plugin for publishing self-hosted banner ads as well as network ads in WordPress. It’s one of the most popular WordPress plugins for managing ads and powers millions of ads online.

The plugin is so simple and easy to use that anyone, including complete beginners, can create professional ads using it. It provides a clean and beginner-friendly interface for creating and managing the ads. The core plugin is lightweight and fast with a minimal set of features; however, it offers a number of add-ons to allow you to extend the plugin’s functionalities.

The AdSanity plugin is created and maintained by Pixel Jar, a website development company. The company focuses on making the WordPress platform easy for users.

AdSanity is a feature-rich plugin with tons of great features and addons. While the plugin’s standard features are great for creating and managing professional ads in WordPress, you can use the addons to add some extra capabilities.

There’re two varieties of AdSanity addons: Basic and Pro. The basic add-ons are included in all plans, while the pro addons are included only with the Developer license. However, you can purchase the addons individually and use them on your site, should you need them.

Some of the most intriguing AdSanity addons are:

  • Conditional Ad Appearance: It adds a new metabox on the Create Ad screen page to allow you to control the appearance of your ads.
  • User Role Ad Visibility: It allows you (site owner) to hide ads based on the role of the visitors on your site.
  • Google Analytics Tracking: It helps you to track ads from both self-hosted sources as well as from ad networks. If you’re using MonsterInsights on your site, you don’t need to purchase this addon because MonsteInsights allows you to track your ads with ease.
  • Ad Block Detection: This addon checks for Ad Block software in your users’ browsers and shows them a message encouraging them to disable it.
  • Video Ads: It allows you to add video ads to your WordPress site easily.

Moreover, the plugin features multiple publishing options so you can create infinite or date-based ads with a beginning date and ending date. To display your ads on your site, you can add them in widgetized areas, pages, posts with shortcodes, or template tags.

The most interesting feature for developers is that it has included actions and filters which developers can utilize to customize and add power to the AdSanity plugin. And, their support is also incredible.


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