Convert more visitors into revenue for e-commerce businesses:

Beeketing provides a suite of smart marketing apps for online shop owners of all kinds and sizes, with particular emphasis on boosting conversions, revenue and customer engagement. Claiming the ability to increase sales by as much as 45% or more, Beeketing begins by tracking customer behaviors and stores’ sales data to generate the most relevant and personalized product recommendations and email marketing to the shoppers. From here the Beeketing platform of apps intelligently funnel them towards shopping cart conversions and also encouraging loyal, repeat purchases.

Beeketing is currently providing 12 free and paid apps supporting several eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, and Magento


We know who’s coming to your website. Beeketing helps you see who they are, know what they do in your store.



By identifying & analyzing their shopping behaviors, Beeketing puts you a step ahead of the customer journey to predict products they’re most likely to buy.



Knowing who’s coming to your website, we help you see who they are, know what they do on your store.  Beeketing AI for e-commerce helps you have the insights and time to truly connect with your customers.


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