ClickBank University

Clickbank University 2.0 is created to help customers find more success with the ClickBank platform as both an affiliate and as a vendor.  Obviously, this is the 2nd version of Clickbank University, but it’s actually a lot better done than the first version. The 1.0 version only focused on creating your own product, while 2.0 has so much more.

Clickbank University 2.0 is essentially broken down into two different programs:

  1. Make Money with your Own Product, as a Vendor.
  2. Make Money as an Affiliate, Promoting other people’s products.
  3. There is also a 3rd main section on traffic generation, which is surprisingly awesome!

Program #1 (For Vendors) is about teaching YOU how to create your own product and get it listed on the ClickBank marketplace. There is definitely potential to make a LOT of money here if you’re able to create a solid product in a proven niche.  It does take a bit more work, and you’ll definitely want to get some big affiliates in your niche to promote your product.

Program #2 (For Affiliates) is exactly the opposite and teaches you how to generate income online promoting products belonging to other vendors.  That’s the beauty of this training though, you can do 1, or the other, or BOTH – and make a killing either way!


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