Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a feature-rich drag-and-drop content builder that’s meant to make all your content creation efforts in WordPress as hassle-free as possible.

What this means in practice is:

  • you can build custom posts and pages by simply dragging and dropping elements on to a canvas
  • you don’t need to code anything by hand, and HTML knowledge isn’t required
  • it works with your current WordPress theme (although there is a framework theme included in the package to make your work even easier)
  • it supports full front-end editing, which means you get to see the results of your work right away.

All of the above means Beaver Builder should come in handy for the vast majority of users, site owners, and WordPress developers — with the main selling point being that it makes working with website content (and even creating websites from scratch) much faster and more efficient.

Beaver Builder actually tackles one of the main issues with WordPress as a platform: The fact that it’s not overly friendly towards users who have no experience with websites — especially those who want to create great content on their own.

The core of Beaver Builder’s offering can be divided into two parts: (a) the content builder plugin, and (b) Beaver Builder Theme — a specially built theme that’s optimized to work with the Beaver Builder plugin, making it even more functional.

Here are some of the more significant features:

  • You can arrange text and images on your pages freely, with drag-and-drop.
  • There’s no need for any coding or HTML and CSS knowledge.
  • You can edit posts and pages.
  • You can build column-based layouts that wouldn’t be otherwise supported by your current WordPress theme.
  • There are more than 30 ready-made page templates available (for landing pages, as well as various content pages).
  • There’s a Beaver Builder Theme, which gives you a range of predefined styles when building your site from the ground up.
  • It has full front-end editing, which means you’re effectively working on the final version of the page your visitors will see.
  • Beaver Builder works with any WordPress theme.
  • All content you produce with Beaver Builder is optimized for mobile viewing.
  • Whatever you build with Beaver Builder will stay looking great even if you deactivate the plugin at some point.
  • Beaver Builder content is optimized for SEO.
  • There’s WooCommerce compatibility.
  • There are import/export features.

There really is a lot waiting for you under the hood with Beaver Builder, but the good thing is none of it’s difficult to grasp. The features don’t all jump right at you, but rather sit there quietly in the background waiting to go to work when you need them.


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